Dental Radiographs play a vital role in dentistry as it allows dentists and dental hygienists to gain valuable information not visible during a regular dental check-up. This information is crucial to helping our team to find any underlying issues that may not be detectable during a check-up session.

As medical professionals, having access to this information is essential, which is why Prodental has invested heavily in a new digital intraoral as well as Panoramic extraoral x-ray units. Our x-ray units detect all hidden dental abnormalities without impacting our patient’s safety or well-being. Both Panoramic (full mouth X-ray) and intraoral images can be taken at Prodental.
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When are X-rays Needed?

As with all medical issues, X-rays are essential to uncover any issue that may not be visible or symptomatic. A patient may need radiographs for:

  • 6 monthly check-ups for cavities between teeth
  • Issues in or around a tooth or gums
  • Poor tooth or root development
  • Cysts or abscesses
  • Cancer or benign tumours (further examination will follow post-x-ray)
  • Tooth decay
  • Bone loss
  • Jaw/bone abnormalities

Depending on the severity of the issue and the treatment plan, the number of x-rays a patient will need varies. Without X-rays, problem areas may go undetected and the further an issue is delayed, the worse it will become. Don’t delay and book an appointment to ensure your oral issues are treated quickly, saving you time, money, and any long-term complications.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

We all receive natural radiation from our environment. The amount of radiation exposure from a full mouth X-ray is equal to the amount a person receives in a single day from natural sources.

Dental X-rays are considered safe due to low level of radiation. However to further limit the patient’s exposure to radiation a lead apron shield is worn over the patient’s chest, stomach, and pelvic region to prevent any exposure to these areas. Moreover, here at Prodental, our dental team examines all oral issues using the latest in X-ray technology which cuts down radiation exposure further. We can safely and accurately examine your whole mouth. Safety is our number one priority, so you can be comfortable knowing you are in safe hands getting clear images of your mouth with Prodental.

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